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Why Every Business Needs an Innovative Person (or Two)


Most of us won’t recognize an innovative person in a group of people. Indeed, maybe you’ve worked for years alongside an innovative colleague without noticing him. Even more, you’re so used to his behavior and mannerisms that you have tagged him as “odd”, but manageable.

For that reason you have all along squandered an opportunity to lift your company out of mediocrity into competitiveness… Consequently, it’s very regressive indeed. But let’s have a look at innovative persons, how to recognize them, how to utilize them and how to keep them.

However, first we need to understand what innovation is…

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Innovation in Companies is an Unavoidable Reality


Innovation in companies, almost like income tax and death, is unavoidable. Indeed, companies that neglected or failed to innovate are sadly no longer with us. Or, for those not innovating, well, it’s just a matter of time…

In fact, innovation is part of our DNA. After all, we were, since we’ve started using shelters and tools, inventors and innovators. Indeed it took some extraordinary innovations, starting way back many millennial ago, that brought us where we’re now.

Innovation is something we must keep doing – especially in companies – where the stakes are high.

What is innovation?

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