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Pay Per Click Marketing to Get More Website Visits and Clicks!

Pay Per Click marketing is one of the tactics of search marketing. The other search marketing tactic is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that you need not to pay for. However, to get results with SEO takes a lot of time and plenty of good quality content to create and publish. On the other hand, may PPC deliver quicker results, but at a cost.

Influencer Marketing for Retailers


Influencer marketing (IM), the process of identifying, engaging and supporting individuals who create conversations with a brand’s customers, is now used by many retailers to get people to buy their products. Indeed, influencer marketing is growing faster than organic search and is responsible for 28% of customer acquisition, according to Aj Agrawal in

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Personalization of Marketing Communication – not just for your Customer’s sake


Personalization of marketing communication is not just a good practice for retailers, but also a way to help their businesses survive. The advent of the internet has rendered retailers the opportunity to offer their customers products specifically customized for them. This is in direct contrast with mass marketing where the objective is to broadcast product offerings to reach the largest number of people possible.

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Chatbots in Retailing – a Fact or a Fad?


Retailers are frequently yelled at by frustrated customers, or, if things go well, they are commended. That’s part of the emotional exchange that comes with a retailer’s job description. However, chatbots may change all of that.

A chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. In other words, sales assistants in a number of retail businesses are now robots. To this end, bots can help retailers in many other ways.

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Affiliate Marketing – Let other people help to market your products


Affiliate marketing 1 is a commission-based arrangement where referring sites (publishers) receive a commission on sales or leads by merchants (retailers). MThink reports that 90 percent of advertisers indicated in a survey that affiliate programs were important to their marketing strategy. The majority of publishers also revealed that affiliate partnerships drove more than 20 percent of annual revenue. Let take a closer look at Affiliate Marketing (AM).

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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