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Web Writing

The Web Content Writing Services that eBizplan offers

  • Blog writing;
  • Creating landing pages
  • White papers;
  • Product portfolios;
  • Strategic content marketing plans.
Our Fee for any Writing Project is ZAR 1,75  per word.


Here’s our contact form:

What is Web Content Writing?

  • Web Content Writing is a service that eBizplan offers to provide relevant web content to its customers;
  • It’s the creation of web content that helps to attract business for our customers by writing for their customers;
  • Web Content Writing also involves the use to specific keywords and key phrases for search engines and users to find. At the end of the day it will improve our customer’s search engine ranking.

Why is writing good web content so important?

  • A website with good content will attract more visitors to the site;
  • Also, its an effective and easy method to keep your website relevant and updated;
  • Good content will turn website visitors into online customers.

What value will you enjoy by making use of our Web Content Writing Service?

  • More traffic and conversions;
  • A higher ranking of your website with search engines (e.g. Google);
  • It gives a reason for people to visit your website;
  • indeed, the more content you publish, the more visitors you’ll have to your website;
  • That’s not all, high quality content leads to more online transactions;
  • In fact, if you give attention to the content of your website, your business will have a higher return on investment (ROI).

What are the procedures of eBizplan?

  • It starts by you filling in our contact form (near the to of this page);
  • Once we’ve received your completed form, we’ll send you a questionnaire;
  • After you’ve returned the questionnaire, we will send you a quotation;
  • If you’d accepted the quotation, then:
    • eBizplan will register the project and send you a contract;
    • When all the formalities are finished, we’ll send you a proforma invoice;
  • As soon a we’ve received the signed contract and payment, the project starts!

Your privacy and our guarantee

  • We will respect your privacy and many your information accordingly;
  • We will refund customers fully that are not satisfied with our service…

eBizplans Blog Portfolio

  • Business Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Outcomes
  • Retail


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