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Hi, my name is Douw G Steyn (Resume Douw Steyn 2018 and sample of Writing), a management consultant, digital marketing practitioner and freelance web writer and feature writer. I’m a member of eBizplan.net and we offer Long-content and Short content writing services.

Web writing

Web writing is that copy on your Web pages that gives your reader a reason to take action, whether it is to contact, subscribe, register, download something or reach for their credit card. Often it is persuasive advertising-based copy or copy that is based on a call to action.

Effective Web Writing, by a skilled content writer will help increase conversions and turn browsers into buyers. There’s no doubt that good content keeps customers returning to learn more.

Long-form Blogging (or content)

Long-form content means you write a blog or post of 2000 words or longer. Simply put, long-form content can be defined as in-depth content designed to give its audience a large amount of detail and information and includes things like e-books, white papers, and long blog post series.

Multiple research reports have found that longer content ranks better in search engines. Longer content allows a brand to dive deeper into a topic and tends to get more inbound links and shares. Search engines are trying to rank the page/article that best answers the search query.

Short-form Blogging (or web content) writing

Short form content is described as content that is typically less than 1,000 words long.  Here eBizplan.net will provide relevant content for its customer’s websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires different content. Content should contain key words aimed towards improving a website’s SEO.


eBizplan.net will help you to formulate a content strategy. A well formulated content plan will:

  • Help you to understand and produce the kind of content your target audiences really need.
  • Allows you to develop realistic, sustainable, and measurable publishing plans.
  • Save you money by reducing redundant or extraneous publishing efforts.
  • Help you to align your communication across channels.
  • Prevent web projects from being derailed by underestimating the time and effort required to produce great content.

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