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E Bizplan’s Web Writing Service

eBizplan’s Web Writing service will help you create content that will satisfy the needs of your website users. Indeed, we will create content that will help users find what they want on the web and, importantly, ending up at your website.

Sadly, for many website owners, the design of the site is more important than its content. However, a well-written copy is as vital to the success of your website as the layout and design.  Please submit the form below for a quote. Our web writing portfolio follows thereafter.

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Douw G Steyn

Our Fee for any Writing Project is ZAR 1,50 (US$ 0,10) per word.

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  • Business Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Retail
  • Strategic Marketing


eBizplan.net will help you to formulate a content strategy. A well formulated content plan will:

  • Help you to understand and produce the kind of content your target audiences really need.
  • Allows you to develop realistic, sustainable, and measurable publishing plans.
  • Save you money by reducing redundant or extraneous publishing efforts.
  • Help you to align your communication across channels.
  • Prevent web projects from being derailed by underestimating the time and effort required to produce great content.

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