eBizplan’s Business Plan Progression Scheme introduces a new scheme, The Business Plan Progression Scheme (BPPS) that is offering a real affordable opportunity for anyone that wants to start their own business. We will create a document for you that will give structure to your business idea or opportunity.

BPPS Level 1 – Give structure to your business idea Only  R750!

You will have a vision and mission statement and know where and with whom you’re going to do business with.

You’ll know the structure of your business, how many managers and employees you need. But that’s not all – eBizplan will calculate how much money you need to start your business. And, last but not least, we’ll compile an income statement for the first year of your business.

  1. Vision, Mission
  2. Market (Where, What, Who)
  3. Internal (Owners, structure, employees)
  4. Start-up plan
  5. Financials – start-up costs and income statement for Year 1
All of the above only for R750!
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What is 7+4?

BPPS Level 2 – Identifying your customers and competitors

Level 2 entails every aspect of Level 1 but here eBizplan will also analyse your potential customers and your competitors. Financials include start-up costs, income statement and cash flow statement for the first year.

  1. Vision, Mission, Values
  2. Market analysis (customers and competitors)
  3. Internal (Owners, structure, employees)
  4. Start-up plan
  5. Financials – start-up costs, income statement, cash flow statement for Year 1
  6. To do list

A Level 2 plan will cost you only R1750. But here’s even better news, if eBizplan have already draft a Level 1 plan for you, then we’ll give you R750 credit!

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What is 7+4?

A Full Business Plan with Financials

Please visit our Business Plans Page if you want more information about a full business plan with financials.

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