Making Sense of Sensory Marketing

Sensory marketing is a form of marketing that appeals to consumers through all five senses. Indeed, we use our five senses: touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and seeing to send information to our brains to help us perceive and understand the world around us better.

So why should you consider using sensory marketing? Simply because sensory marketing can give brands a competitive advantage. In fact, sensory triggers can stimulate positive brand associations and activate subconscious purchase drivers (WARC Best Practice).

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Misconceptions about Business Ideas

You need a business idea if you want to start a business. However, just by having a good business idea won’t necessarily guarantee instant business success. Here’re some misconceptions that people have about business ideas:

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The Business of Taking Risks

Taking risks is common behavior. Indeed, taking risks is for many of us a means to an end. In fact, without taking risks, neither your business nor you will ever know your true potential, says John Benjamin in the Tribune. But why is taking a risk so easy for some and, on the other hand, so difficult for other? It has a lot to do about who we are, and the environment we are operating in.

What does taking risks mean?

According to the Collins Dictionary, risk-taking means taking actions which might have unpleasant or undesirable results. So it is something you do as a result of a decision you’ve made. And most of the time something or someone has triggered you to make a decision 1.

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Digital Transformation in a Small Business

Digital transformation is for most small businesses the only way to survive the digital disruptions of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The digital disruptions are fueled by technology innovations that resulted in the “3rd Platform” which is built on a foundation of cloud, mobile, social, and Big Data technologies 1.

Many businesses reacted badly when the digital disruptions started to impact on their decision-making processes, operations, product roll-outs, and promotions. More importantly, they’d started to have problems engaging with their customers 1.  Indeed, some big brand businesses that failed to embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution, has closed down.

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What Traits do a Business Owner Need to be Successful?

Well I nearly fell of my chair when I started to jot down the traits a business owner needs to be successful. The first seven post that I’d read, identified no less than 42 different traits a business owner or entrepreneur needs to be successful.

I’m convinced that a business owner that possesses all 42 traits hasn’t been born yet, or is locked up far away to keep him or her away from harm (and society). Nevertheless, I’ve listed the 42 traits somewhere in a table…

The 42 traits I’ve jotted down reading 7 blog posts…

But why a business owner (also [sometimes] called an entrepreneur), needs to be different from an ordinary working person?  Maybe it’s because a business owner earns her living in an extraordinary environment…

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Business Networking in a Digital Society

Not so long ago, business networking predominantly involved interacting with peers, customers or industry leaders at congresses, meetings or events. These face to face meetings were essential to get the latest information and industry gossip.

Also, here business networking was a routine practice to get business leads and to promote yourself or your brand as an important participant in your industry. However, in today’s digital society there’s no need to attend networking sessions in person. In fact, the advent of the internet, web 2.0, broad band and mobile devices have given us alternative ways to do business networking.

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Franchising as a Business Opportunity

Franchising provides the entrepreneur with an opportunity to enter the world of small business without all of the risks usually associated with starting a business from scratch 1. Indeed, the popularity of franchising continues to increase, especially with the emergence of new e-business models 2.

However, as with any business start-up the franchisee (you) needs to know what the franchisor (the brand) has to offer. Also, you need to consider the costs and your responsibilities when signing a franchise agreement.

“Remember that no franchise is perfect, and that every franchisee will have things they like about the system and things they don’t like”, says Chris Myers in Forbes. But first let’s have a look what franchising is all about…

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Marketing your Website for Machines to Find

Marketing your website is the final step to do when starting your eCommerce website. Your website will be one of 550,000 websites published on the day and joining a whopping 1.6 Billion other websites already on the net (MILL for Business, June 2018). So, how on earth will your website be found in the vastness of the internet?

Well, it’s marketing after all! Therefore you need a marketing strategy for your website. Intriguingly however is that you need to market your site for machines (web crawlers) to read and also for humans visiting your website.

However, here the marketing of your website for machines will be discussed.

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Voice Search – Where Humans and Technology Semantically Interact

Most of us have learned to speak words before we’ve learned to write them. So we are good with speaking, and listening (I hope). And now we’ve learned machines to listen and speak. Instead of typing a text query in a Google search box, we can now do a voice search using “Ok Google” with good results.

Voice search is trending for good reasons. It’s faster and working well with mobile. And the more we use it, the better it will get – economies of data…

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Video Marketing to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Video marketing is starting to dominate the internet. Indeed, video is the internet. According to Cisco forecasts, global consumer internet video traffic will make up 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019, up from 64% in 2014 1.

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