Online Videos are Useful to Convince Shoppers to Buy


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are online videos worth for retailers? Bill Briggs recently reported in the Internet Retailer that shoppers who watch a video are 1.7 times more likely to buy something than those who don’t…

Seeing it in action is believing

Window shopping, about fifty years ago, was one of the most exciting things for me to do. So, on the rare occasions when visiting the city center with my mother, I would rush to the toy shop to see what’s on display.

I would press my face against the toy shop’s display window to be fascinated by the miniature trains going around on their circuits. By just watching the small trains in motion the sale could have been closed – however, it was fifty years ago…

Nowadays little kids can watch videos of dozens of makes and types of miniature train sets via the toy shop website, make a choice and click to buy at leisure to have it delivered on their doorsteps.

Online videos are working for online retailers

According to Internet Retailer, video views on online retailer websites grow a massive 42% in 2015. The best videos are those that are relevant and demonstrating how the products work. Also, the videos that the customers rate the highest resulted in the most sales.

YouTube is after Google the most popular search engine used by online customers, with 3 billion searches a month.  Experts recommend that retailers use YouTube over social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for demonstrating the products, because it is searchable.


In fact, using video online is trending massively. “As video is the both the present and the future of content marketing, it’s a good idea to review what works best on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. So you can plan accordingly”, confirms Bill Carmody, Founder and CEO, Trepoint.

A Marketing Plan helps you to communicate the right content to the right audience.

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