It Pays For Retailers To Please Customers

There’s no doubt about it, retailers need to be outstanding in order to please customers.

Overall, retailers succeed to please customers

The Wise Marketer reports that the overall satisfaction of retail customers has grown 23% over the past six years.  They ascribed this growth to the increasing use of digital technology by Brick and Mortar retailers.

The onset of digital technology and the internet has given retailers the opportunity  they want. Retailers can now satisfy the need of each individual customer in a personalize manner.

Why are retail customers more satisfied?

Retail customers are nowadays more satisfied because:

  • They have more choices how to buy their products – in the store, online or both.
  • They have a larger variety of products to choose from, and can easily compare product prices on the internet.
  • Customers can either visit a retail store to touch, feel and try the product, If they are not sure about a product. However, they can get more information online about the product.
  • They are eager to join social websites such as Facebook and are not afraid to share their experience with a retail store or products with their virtual communities.
  • The outstanding retailers will be complimented and even may even enjoy positive reviews by their satisfied customers on social media sites.

Why should retail customers be satisfied?

Customer satisfaction refers to the degree a customer is happy about a retailer’s products and service.  As customers satisfaction increase, they become more loyal to the retailer and also advocate its brands.

The retailers are making more successful use of the internet and the interactivity that it offers to get more of their customers satisfied and eventually loyal to them…


Your customers have now the opportunity to get instant gratification in the online retail channel. Make sure it’s you who give it to them…

A Marketing Plan helps you to communicate the right content to the right audience.

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