How to Start a Carwash Business with only the Basic Tools

How to start a carwash is a question many first-time entrepreneurs would like to be answered.

A short video to show how to start a carwash business

Here’s someone who’d start a carwash. Meet William, an established car guard at a small shopping center close to his township. For years, he has been keeping an eye on cars in the parking lot, ensuring that they are safe and secure while their owners run errands or shop.

However, William has now recognized an opportunity to start a new business venture. Due to loadshedding, the automatic carwash machine at the shopping center has stopped operating. As a result, car owners had no alternative but to wash their cars at home or seek out other car wash services.

William has always been a keen observer, and he has noticed that many car owners are looking for an alternative to the now-defunct automatic carwash machine. Consequently he has realized that he can offer a solution by starting his own car wash business in the shopping center’s parking lot. In fact, William has already acquired the basic tools needed for the job, such as a bucket, a rag, soap, and water. He now needs guidance on how to set up and run a successful car wash business.

Not an easy task…

William is aware that starting a car wash business is no easy task. Therefore, he needs to consider several factors such as location, pricing, supplies, scheduling, and customer service. William understands that location is crucial for his business since he needs to find a spot with high traffic and good visibility. Even more, he knows that setting a competitive pricing structure will be vital to attract customers.

William’s determination to start this new business venture is admirable, and he is aware that he needs to be patient and committed to making it a success. He is not intimidated by the challenges ahead and is ready to put in the hard work needed to achieve his goals.

How to Start a Carwash Business with only the Basic Tools
Start a carwash business with only the basic tools

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Tips how William can Start a Carwash Business with only the basic Tools

Starting a car wash business with just a few basic tools is possible, but it will require effort and dedication. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Location: Find a suitable location to set up your car wash. Look for a high traffic area with good visibility where people can easily see your car wash. Make sure to get permission from the owner of the property or the local authorities if necessary.
  2. Supplies: Gather all the necessary supplies, including a bucket, a rag or sponge, car soap or detergent, water, and a hose. You may also need a container to hold water and a portable pump to create pressure for the hose.
  3. Pricing: Determine your pricing structure for your services. Consider charging a flat fee or an hourly rate. Also, consider offering discounts or special promotions to attract more customers.
  4. Advertising: Spread the word about your car wash business by advertising in local newspapers, on social media platforms, or through flyers. Offer referral bonuses or other incentives to customers who bring in new business.
  5. Scheduling: Set up a schedule for your car wash business. Determine your hours of operation and make sure you have enough time to complete each job thoroughly.
  6. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service to your clients. Be friendly, courteous, and helpful. Respond quickly to customer inquiries and complaints.

Remember that starting a car wash business with just a few basic tools requires hard work, dedication, and patience. But with the right approach, you can build a successful business that can eventually grow and expand.


William’s car wash business has been up and running for six months now, and the demand for his services has been higher than he ever anticipated. While this is a great sign of success, it also puts a lot of pressure on his resources. He must now take the necessary steps to ensure that he can continue to meet his customers’ demands and provide excellent service.

First, William must consider expanding his resources, such as purchasing additional supplies, equipment, and hiring more staff. Even more, he can also look for ways to streamline his operations, such as implementing a booking system to manage his schedule more efficiently. William could also consider setting up a loyalty program or offering referral incentives to encourage repeat business and attract new customers.

Second, William should continue to focus on providing excellent customer service. As his business grows, it will be crucial to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction to ensure that his customers remain loyal and spread positive word-of-mouth. He can do this by actively listening to customer feedback, responding promptly to complaints or concerns, and going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

How is William’s car wash business doing now?

In conclusion, William’s car wash business has been successful due to his hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. As demand continues to increase, William must take the necessary steps to maintain and improve his services. By expanding his resources, streamlining his operations, and providing excellent customer service, William can continue to grow his business and establish himself as a reputable car wash provider in his community.

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  1. Hi, the big benefit of starting a basic carwash business is that the entry barriers are very low. However, your mindset must be absolute positive. Believe in yourself and trust your abilities. Be kind to your customers so that they will support you again. Not for everyone, but a definite opportunity to earn some money and to grow your business. Good luck!

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