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Home is a product of the Digital Age. We are living and working in the Digital Age. Yes, you would say, that’s not new – most of us have grown up with digital something somewhere!  I agree with you. Digital is old news. However, the pace at which the technology is now developing and applied makes digital almost futuristic new.

For example, how far are we (humans I hope) from letting machines build machines better than we are? That means machines and robots are now doing the jobs that we did previously to earn a living. Just think about how cars are now build compared to 30 years ago. Now it only takes one or two computer operators to run a car assembly plant that previously involved hundreds of workers.

Digital Disruption

So actually there are instigated disruptions over the breadth and depth of all industries. People call them Digital Disruptions. These disruptions takes place from agriculture to apparel.  Now you can say Hello! to the 4th industrial revolution. However, you need to be quick, because before you would knew it, it will be past you already. So, don’t hold your breath for the 5th industrial revolution.

Empty Retail Spaces

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What has this all to do with Well, with all the digital disruptions taking place every day and exponentially increasing, industries look like a somber World War II documentary – nothing to say really, just empty spaces. Like the empty retail stores in the once buzzing high street of the great cities. Big brand are just capitulating. It’s no wonder business textbooks are becoming absolute and one need a hell of an open mind, wizardly vision at lots of good luck to survive where others had failed. is there to help you.

Please visit our pages, read our blogs and tell us where we can need help you. O yes, please join our community. We will welcome your presence greatly and you can interact with peers and experts to find advanced business solutions in this trying by exciting time.

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