Sharing a Personal Story – Transitioning of a Business to a Digital Footprint

Sharing a Personal Story - Transitioning of a Business to a Digital Footprint

“Hello everyone! Today, I want to share a story that’s very close to my heart – my journey from being virtually invisible online to establishing a solid digital footprint for my business. It’s a story filled with apprehension, discoveries, and ultimately, a lot of growth.

The Pre-Digital Era

Not too long ago, my business was pretty much an offline affair. We relied heavily on word-of-mouth, local advertising, and the occasional trade show to make our presence felt. For the longest time, I believed this was enough. After all, our customer base was loyal, and the business was doing okay. But deep down, I knew we were missing out on something big – the digital revolution that was transforming businesses left, right, and center.

The Eureka Moment of Transitioning of a Business to a Digital Footprint

The real turning point came during a casual conversation with a friend who had recently taken her own business online. She spoke enthusiastically about the increase in her customer base, the ease of reaching her audience, and how she was now able to track and understand customer behavior like never before. Her words struck a chord. It dawned on me that by not being online, I wasn’t just missing out on customers, but also on understanding them better.

Taking the Plunge

Deciding to go digital was one thing; actually, doing it was another. I won’t lie – it was daunting at first. Where do I start? What does going online even mean for a business like mine? These questions were just the tip of the iceberg. But as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For me, that step was building a website.

The Learning Curve

I teamed up with a local web developer, and together we started crafting a site. I learned about things I had never heard of before – domain names, hosting, SEO, and more. It was like learning a new language, but it was exciting to see my business take shape in the digital world.

The Big Reveal

The day we went live with our website was a milestone. It wasn’t just about having a new sales channel; it was about stepping into a new era. And then came the social media profiles, the Google My Business listing – pieces of the digital puzzle that were gradually coming together.

The Impact

Fast forward to today, and the difference is palpable. Our online presence has not only expanded our customer base but has also allowed us to engage with our clients in ways I hadn’t imagined. We’re no longer just a local business; we have customers from places I’ve never even visited!


In retrospect, taking my business online was one of the best decisions I ever made. Sure, it was a leap into the unknown, but it opened doors to countless opportunities. And if you’re a business owner still contemplating this transition, my advice is simple – take the leap. The digital world is full of possibilities!”

I’m not a clicks man, I wasn’t born in the clicks era. I’m a bricks man, I believe in bricks. Mike Ashley

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