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Management Consulting – eBizplan

eBizplan is a Management Consulting Business that helps retailers to add clicks to their bricks.

The Online Retail Revolution

The advent of the internet has caused a revolution in the retail industry with customers doing their shopping online at the expense of their neighborhood retailers. Big and small retailers are closing shop and shopping centers stand empty because of the online migration by their customers.

The internet has helped to empower traditional retail customers to become what we now call ‘online shoppers’. Online shoppers are dynamic, hands-on, mobile and interactive users of the internet. Online shoppers have adopted the online retail channel with little concern helping online retail sales to grow exponentially over the past decade.

Traditional ‘Bricks and Mortar’ retailers are now starting to realize that they must add the online channel to their business in order to survive and grow. eBizplan is here to help ‘Bricks and Mortar’ retailers to become ‘Bricks and Clicks’ retailers.

The way we help retailers to function as ‘Bricks and Clicks’ is as follows:

  1. Developing a Business Model;
  2. Do a Strategic Analysis resulting in a Strategic Plan;
  3. Writing a comprehensive Business Plan with financials to get the business on its way;
  4. Creating a Digital Marketing Plan to pinpoint strategies and to identify which digital marketing tools to use.

More about the management consulting process, agreements, fees and terms can be read at eBizplan’s CONTACT INFO AND REGISTRATION page.

Here is a questionnaire that you may want to complete and email to me . I’ll have a look and give you feedback free of charge!


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