Creating ADs for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns


To design and create ads for your pay-per-click marketing campaign remain a challenge. Retailers only have a small space to fit in a meaningful message that will appear on the result page.

Many retailers are selling similar products online. You need to create an ad that is different and catches the attention of online visitors. It may be helpful to search your products on the internet to see how your competitor’s pay-per-click ad looks.

Analyse your competitors

Retailers need to know how their competitors position their products. Start analysing by listing the advantages your competitors claim. Examples of advantages that your competitors may have are:

  • Lower prices;
  • Higher quality;
  • Free delivery;
  • A large selection;
  • A workable return policy.

How do your business compare?

Analyse your own product offering

Compare the positioning of your products with that of your competitors to see where you have an advantage. You may also revisit the feedback from your customers to get an idea what they think about your products and service.

Retailers should identify what their customers want from their products. What are the benefits that your products offer to their users? Once you have identified the benefits, you can create your ad.

Creating the ADs

Retailers should create a sense that visitors will suffer, or fail to benefit, if they don’t act right away. The only objective of the ad is to get visitors to click on it.

Try to speak directly to the visitor by using words like ‘you’ and ‘your’. People usually respond better to ads when they are personalised. Tell people exactly what they should do when they read your ad by using words such as ‘get’, ‘see’, ‘find’, ‘buy’, etc. Make sure that the people know exactly what you are selling…


I will discuss the ‘landing page’ – the page where the visitor arrive when clicking on your ad – in a future blog.

A Marketing Plan helps you to communicate the right content to the right audience.

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