Business plans for you

We will write a Business Plan for you!

The Consulting is done Only Online

Allow us to write a professional and useful plan for your business. The plan may help you as follows:

  1. It’s indispensable for getting help from others, especially financial backers;
  2. It provides a guide for running operations once your business is started and on its way.


Here’re our fees:

  • If you plan to start a small business (1 – 5 employees) – R3000 (Vat included);
  • For a business of medium size business (5 – 50 employees), the plan will cost you R7000 (Vat included);
  • Those who are planning a really big business will pay a fee of R750 per hour, (also Vat included).

All the business plans comes with full financials (income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet) projected for 5 years. We will give you the excel spreadsheet to use when the business plan is completed.

If you want to start an online (eCommerce) business, you’re also welcome to contact us!

For more info about the structure of the business plan and also to see samples, please visit our Business Plan page.

Or, you can complete the form below to get your Business Plan started as soon as possible:

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Affordable Business - and Startup Plans during this difficult times... Business Plan Promotion - get a Startup Plan for only  R1500  and a Full Business Plan + Financials from only R3000.