Bricks and Mortar Retailers Need To Be Smart With Smartphone Customers


Targeting smartphone customers. How can Bricks and Mortar retailers respond to customers that use their smart phones to compare product prices online?

Show-rooming for smartphone customers

Did you ever wonder why your customers do their shopping with a smartphone in one hand? Well, they are probably comparing the price of your products online. If your prices are higher, they will leave your shop to buy their products elsewhere at a better price.

Some customers are walking into your shop and use your products to feel, fit and smell what they have surfed and found online. For those customers, you are paying rent, keeping merchandise, paying salaries – without getting anything back.

Getting smartphone customers to spend money in your shop

Bricks and Mortar retailers with only physical shops need to implement innovative tactics to get customers with smartphones their shops.

A recent press release by MarketWatch suggested that Bricks and Mortar retailers can take the following steps to get customers using smartphones to buy products in their shop again:

• Bricks and Mortar retailers need not to automatically match the online prices, but rather implement a customer loyalty programs. Giving incentives for show-rooming customers to rather spend money in their stores;

• If the shops of Bricks and Mortar shops are convenient, the service are urgent , and customers are made to feel important, show-rooming customers are more likely to spend their money in Bricks and Mortar stores than online;

• Smartphones may actually improve sales in Bricks and Mortar shops. Customers may use their smartphones to find reviews and specifications about products and still buying the products at the shops.


Smart phones are now the dominant device that is used to get information and reviews about products and retailers. Retailers should include a mobile strategy in their digital marketing plans.

Lastly, Bricks and Mortar retailers should react and adapt quickly to changes in the shopping environment in order to keep their doors open…

A Marketing Plan helps you to communicate the right content to the right audience.

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