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Welcome to eBizplan.net –  Where Your Business Vision Takes Flight

At eBizplan.net, we believe that our story is not just about us – it’s fundamentally about you and your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Journey: From Dual Origins to Unified Expertise

eBizplan.net emerged from the synergy of two specialized websites: ebizplan.co.za and bricks2Ccicks.co.za. Established in 2012, ebizplan.co.za began as an online consultancy focused on crafting bespoke business plans for the South African market.

Then, in 2014, bricks2clicks.co.za joined the digital space, offering insights and strategies for retailers evolving from physical storefronts to the online world.

In 2018, we united these two platforms under the ebizplan.net umbrella. This fusion not only consolidated our content and resources but also expanded our expertise to serve a broader audience with more comprehensive solutions.


In 2019, we took a significant step forward by formalizing our operations as EBIZPLANZA (PTY) LTD. This evolution enhances our commitment to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients and stakeholders.

Services Tailored for You

We invite you to explore our Services Page to discover how we can assist in realizing your business aspirations. From strategic management to digital marketing, our offerings are designed to support your venture at every stage.

Our Commitment to You

While this page narrates our story, our focus remains steadfastly on you, our valued visitor and client. eBizplan.net is dedicated to empowering your business journey, bridging the gap between traditional and digital realms, and nurturing your growth in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Stay connected with us as we continue to evolve and ensure that eBizplan.net is not just about us – it’s about creating success stories, together.

The Story of Douw G Steyn: Our Guiding Visionary

Douw G Steyn, the Director of EBIZPLANZA (PTY) LTD, embodies the spirit of a lifelong learner and a non-conformist thinker. His unique perspective as an independent narrator and seasoned management consultant is central to our ethos. Douw’s diverse qualifications in marketing, agriculture, and organizational development, coupled with his achievements in writing and digital marketing, form the cornerstone of our approach to helping businesses transition from the physical to the virtual world.

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