A Drone on My Roof – Another Delivery from my Favorite Online Retailer


Are you frustrated with high delivery costs, dangerous roads and Post Office strikes? No problem, the future use of a ‘commercial’ delivery drone may provide an exciting alternative…

Are drones for delivery science fiction for now?

Amazon.com proposed the use of commercial drones, on autopilot, to deliver their customer’s packages on their doorsteps. Popular Science recently reported that the FAA announced that they are finally willing to let Amazon test their drones within the United States.

The FAA instructed that Amazon shouldn’t test anything meaningful or innovative about the drone delivery concept at all. It’s science fiction for now.

Fast forward twenty years from now

How will your groceries be delivered at your home in future? Surely in twenty years’ time (or less), the airspace above our populated areas should buzz with drones of all shapes and sizes. Drones that deliver packages fast and safely to the right addresses.

Imagine placing your grocery order online, the products picked at a local warehouse and then attached to a drone and dispatched straight to your home.  The groceries are then dropped in a receiving bin on your roof.

Retailers are ready to start using drones for deliver packages, in spite of authorities not allowing it.

Getting a commercial drone off the ground

According to Popular Science, the FFA stipulates that: “all flight operations must be conducted at 400 feet or below during daylight hours. The UAS must always remain within visual line-of-sight of the pilot and observer.  The aircraft must be flown by a pilot that have at least a private pilot’s certificate”.

Amazon was not allowed by the FFA to test the commercial drone concept to its full potential in the USA. The innovation of commercial drone technology has seemingly come too quickly for the US authorities.  As result, Amazon is now looking to conduct their tests elsewhere.

In the meantime – keep looking up to the sky…


Update: Amazon can already deliver items to some customers just hours after they’ve been ordered. But the online retailer says that time window will shrink down to just 30 minutes if it can deliver packages via drones through its Amazon Prime Air service (Time Magazine, January 19, 2016).

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